What to Know Before Filing a Roof Damage Insurance Claim

What to Know Before Filing a Roof Damage Insurance Claim

It's every homeowner's wish that they will never experience devastating roof damage. But life happens to the best of us, and that’s why you have homeowners insurance as a saving net in the case of roof damage.

Still, filing a roof insurance claim can be a daunting process. After all, it’s something you’ll hopefully only have to do once in your lifetime! Plus, it may not be in your best interest to file a claim for every roofing issue.

That’s why at Platinum Restoration, our roofing services include insurance claim assistance. We have been through the process with our clients many times and know how to streamline it. We’re here to provide personalized support for you after roof damage, so don’t hesitate to reach out for your free estimate!

Our team is ready to help you navigate your roof damage claim from the moment you contact us, but here are some quick tips in the meantime.

1. Be Quick About It

When dealing with a roof damage claim, timing is key. Do not sit for days before trying to take note of what happened to your home. Be prompt to assess the damage, get an estimate, and file your roof damage report.

The longer you wait, the harder it will be to file an accurate claim. If you wait, your insurance company may have questions about what happened, and it’s possible that they deny your claim. By acting quickly, you can ensure they cover the cost of fixing the damage.

2. Assess & Document the Damage Yourself First

Immediately after you experience roof damage, assess the damage from the ground, take photos, and write down notes. Doing this enables you to have the exact details of the damage before contacting your insurance company.

The more thorough you are during this process, the better. Even if it might seem like overkill, the more information you have for the insurance company, the more likely you are to get all of the damages covered. Ensure you take photos of all of the elements from every angle. Documenting everything will make the process easier for you and your insurance company.

This blog post on storm damage checklists can help you know what to document.

3. Review Your Insurance Policy & Contact Your Provider ASAP

Some homeowners are in the habit of not paying close attention to the provisions of their insurance policies. Unfortunately, this leaves them in the dark as to what their policy covers and what it does not.

Reviewing your insurance policy will let you know if roof damage is covered, whether or not your policy excludes some forms of roof damage, and if the coverage is for roof replacement cost or actual money value.

It never hurts to brush up on your home insurance policy every so often. Even if you ever end up filing a claim, understanding your policy will give you peace of mind, and you’ll be prepared in case you do need to contact them.

4. Get Your Own Professional Inspection

The insurance company will require evidence that you have a claim, so they will send an adjuster to get a look at the damage. They may have roofing companies that they recommend. However, you have the right to hire any reputable roofing company you prefer, and it’s recommended that you have them do an inspection as well to ensure that no damage is missed.

If you choose Platinum Restoration (here are our service areas), we will document all the damage and walk you through what happens next, so you can make the most informed decision about whether or not to follow through with filing a claim. We will be present when the adjuster does their roof inspection to answer their questions and make sure all damage is documented.

5. Keep All Correspondence for Reference

For reference, ensure you keep every correspondence from your insurance company and contractor(s). Keeping correspondence up to date will save you if it ever gets to a point where there is a conflict with your insurance company and coverage.

If you have all the evidence, it will be easier to handle disputes. Otherwise, it can be your word against what the insurance company is saying. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even if you don’t end up with many disputes, the process will go more smoothly if you keep all the correspondence.

What to Do If Insurance Denies Your Roof Claim?

At Platinum Restoration, we are here to help you through the roof damage insurance claim. We are also here to ensure your roof repair goes smoothly and you get a beautiful, safe rooftop again.

Unfortunately, it’s possible that your insurance company will deny your roof claim. While working with us and following the above steps can lower the chances of this happening, your insurance provider may still not pay for the damages.

Steps You Can Take After a Denial

While your insurance company should cover storms, often known as acts of god, this may not apply if you're in a high-risk area. If your insurance denies a claim that you think is valid and should be covered, however, there are a couple of things you can do, such as:

  1. Make an appeal: After denying the claim, the first step is to make an appeal. While the process is slightly different for each insurance company, it usually involves another adjuster assessing the situation.

  2. File a lawsuit: If the appeal is denied, a more extreme option is to file a lawsuit. This is usually a last-ditch effort. Doing so is often a long, expensive process.

If your insurance claim is denied, the best option to pay for damages is by financing. At Platinum Restoration, we can assist you with various financing options to ensure you get the services you need.

Need Roof Damage Assistance Near the Twin Cities?

Dealing with storm damage or other kinds of roof damage is a stressful situation. You may be stressed about getting help and paying to repair the damages. When you need help filing a roof damage insurance claim, don’t worry. Platinum Restoration has you covered!

From roof repair to replacement and windows to siding, your exteriors are in good hands with our experienced team.

Get a free online estimate, or call 763-244-1474 today!

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