3 Common Reasons for Residential Roof Repairs

3 Common Reasons for Residential Roof Repairs

Whatever the quality of your roof, issues can arise. Storm damage can happen out of nowhere. Natural wear and tear will occur even if nothing serious happens to your roof. Over time, even the longest-lasting roofing systems need to be replaced.

However, if you understand the common reasons for residential roof repairs, you can prevent some of these issues, better maintain your roof, and ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Learn more in this guide from the GAF-certified roofing pros at Platinum Restoration.

1. Storm Damage

Storm damage comes in many forms. In a place like Minnesota, the weather can be temperamental. From winter storms that bring snow build-up to spring thunderstorms that cause intense winds, lots of rain, and even tornadoes, the weather is a common cause of many residential roofing problems.

While it’s impossible to stop the weather, you can protect your rooftop by assessing for damage after any significant storm. After bad weather, check over the roof yourself for signs of storm damage or call Platinum Restoration to request a roofing inspection.

2. Lack Of Maintenance

While some roofing materials last longer than others, lack of maintenance and upkeep can impact your roof. If you don’t regularly inspect your roof and ensure it’s in good shape, you could wind up with costly repairs or even need to have the roof replaced.

Routine roof maintenance can remove debris and ensure your drainage system is in good condition. If it’s been a while since your residential roof was inspected, reach out today.

3. Poor Installation

Was your roof installed before you bought your home? If so, you may not know who installed the roof and whether they did a solid job. Unless you're a roofing expert, it can be challenging to know whether your roofing system is in good condition.

Unfortunately, poor installation can lead to significant damage, like water leaks. So, we recommend getting a roofing inspection at least once per year to assess the condition of things like the flashing, shingles, and seams.

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