Don't Miss the Signs It's Time to Replace Your Gutters

Don't Miss the Signs It's Time to Replace Your Gutters

Your home’s gutter system is more important than most people realize. While your gutters might not be something you worry about often, they are vital in protecting your home from water damage such as flooding and mold.

Without adequately maintained gutters and downspouts within their lifespan, your house is more likely to face damage, especially after a big storm.

So, it’s wise to know the signs that it’s time to replace your gutters. Get some valuable information on assessing the state of your gutter system in this guide from the roofing pros at Platinum Restoration.

Sign 1: Paint That is Peeling

When you see paint peeling off the gutters, it might not seem like that big of a deal. While gutters can withstand some cosmetic damage, too much paint chipping and peeling is a bad sign. You’ll want to check for standing water to ensure the gutter system works correctly.

Sign 2: Sagging and Pulling

While some signs your gutter is in bad shape are harder to spot, this one is pretty straightforward. If the gutters have started to sag or are pulling away from the home’s exterior, they are probably too full of debris and water.

You can start by cleaning the gutters, but you may need to have them replaced. Also, to keep gutters from filling up, consider installing gutter guards.

Sign 3: Separations or Breaks at Seams

Unless you have seamless gutters, you’ll notice that the gutter system has parts that are placed together. These seams may loosen or separate with time. When this happens, water leaks are more likely.

If you see separations or breaks, it’s best to contact gutter professionals to repair or replace your gutters.

Sign 4: Rust Build-Up

Another cosmetic issue that may indicate you need new gutters is rust. Like with peeling paint, rust can mean the gutters aren’t as strong as they should be. While an occasional rust spot might not be a huge deal, keep an eye out.

 If you do spot a good deal of rust on the gutters, request a gutter and roof inspection from a home exterior expert.

Minnesota Gutter Inspections and Replacement

One of the best ways to ensure your gutters remain in excellent condition is to get routine gutter inspections. With assistance from Platinum Restoration, you’ll catch any issues early on and prevent property damage.

Our experienced home exterior professional can inspect, maintain, repair, install, and replace gutter systems for both homes and businesses. Contact us today at 763-244-1474 to get a free estimate.

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