How to Identify Roof Wind Damage

How to Identify Roof Wind Damage

Even with a well-installed roof made with durable materials, storm damage can be a problem. This is especially true in places like the Twin Cities, where severe weather is a consistent concern. So, after high winds tear through your area, you might wonder if your roof is still in good condition.

This guide from the roofing experts at Platinum Restoration is here to help you identify roof wind damage and know what to do next.

Common Kinds of Wind Damage to Roofs

When winds impact roofs, various kinds of damage can occur. Usually, the damage starts at the edges and corners of the roof, so if the tiles or shingles are loose, they can be ripped off.

Overall, you should be aware of these kinds of wind damage:

  • Peeling roofing materials or missing shingles

  • Dents, scratches, and more from tree branches and other debris

  • Broken gutters and downspouts

In the case of wind issues, the wind can cause all kinds of items and debris to fly onto and hit your roof. So, it’s never a bad idea to contact a roof repair specialist to take a look after any storm.

Ways to Check for Wind Roof Damage

If you think high winds have damaged your roof, follow these steps to get a better idea of any potential problems:

  1. Look over the outside of the roof: Check for missing or ruined shingles. Also, look over the chimney, gutters, and any other roofing components.

  2. Check the inside of your home: From the inside, look for signs of leaks, stains, or peeling pain.

  3. Contact roofing contractor: Even if you don’t notice any damage, it never hurts to get a more thorough inspection from a roof repair expert.

Keep in mind that some roofs are easier to access than others. And, if you use a ladder to get a better view, always do so safely.

Storm Damage Restoration in the Twin Cities

If you have noticed any visual signs of wind damage to your Twin Cities roof, Platinum Restoration is GAF certified and ready to inspect and diagnose the problem. We offer many roof repair services and specialize in repairing storm damage to home exteriors.

Call us at 763-244-1474 to request a free quote.

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