4 Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

4 Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

Commercial roofs are vital to protecting your building from the weather and ensuring that everyone inside the building is kept safe and comfortable. A well-installed and maintained commercial roof should last for many decades, depending on the type of roofing system the building has.

But, without property maintenance and care, the lifespan of your commercial roof can lessen dramatically.

If you want to keep your commercial roof in excellent condition and ensure it lasts as long as possible, follow these tips from the commercial roofing experts at Platinum Restoration.

1. Get Roofing Inspections Every Six Months

While residential roofs may only need an inspection once per year, keeping your commercial roof in good condition is very important. It’s best to get a roofing inspection twice annually to ensure the roofing system is in great shape. At Platinum Restoration, we will check over all the roofing components for signs of damage or other risk factors.

2. Keep the Roof Clean & Clear

Many commercial roofs are flat, which can easily accumulate debris, snow, or dirt. To avoid more extensive problems, such as water leaks and roof storm damage, be sure to clean off your roof on a regular basis. Remove excess snow build-up and clean up dirt and debris.

3. Check Gutters Often

The gutters and drainage systems of your commercial roof are crucial. If gutters get clogged, they can break or cause flooding issues on the roof. Ruined downspouts can also create damage to the main levels of the buildings. So, be sure to clean your gutters regularly. If you notice issues with your gutters, request a gutter guard or gutter replacement service.

4. Prune Back Trees & Shrubs

If you have large trees or shrubs up near the roof, this could be a problem. A storm or even a random gust of wind could lead to a large branch breaking off and damaging the roof. So, it’s best to trim away trees and bushes from the roof to prevent issues.

Convenient Commercial Roof Maintenance & Repair

Looking to keep your commercial roof in good condition? Platinum Restoration can help with that! Whether you need roofing inspections or roof repairs, we’ve got you covered.

We are GAF-certified roofing contractors with many years of experience maintaining and fixing commercial roofs in Minnesota. Contact us at 763-244-1474 to request a free estimate.

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