3 Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights on Your Roof
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3 Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights on Your Roof

Hanging Christmas lights on your roof is a beloved tradition that many families in Minnesota love to participate in. However, it can be a bit of a challenge. For one thing, you want to ensure the lights look nice and even, as you don't want them to stand out in a bad way. For another thing, getting up on a ladder in the Minnesota winter can be a bit of a safety risk.

So, to help you have your Christmas lights safely and effectively, the roofing contractors at Platinum Restoration have put together these tips.

1. Avoid Walking On Your Roof

While you might be tempted to get on top of your roof as this may seem like the easier option, it can increase the likelihood of roof damage. If possible, stay off the rooftop entirely and use a ladder instead. This way, you can still hang the lights efficiently, and you won't end up having to pay for roofing repairs.

2. Practice Good Ladder Safety

When using a ladder, ensure you have someone helping you. One person should stand at the bottom and hold the ladder while the other is on it. It's also important to brush up on general ladder safety rules. Some good things to keep in mind include when using a ladder are:

  • To carry your tools on a belt to keep both hands free.
  • To place the ladder on an even surface.
  • To not lean too far off the side of the ladder.

3. Use Plastic Hooks

Using plastic hooks instead of nails to hang Christmas lights effectively without ruining your rooftop. There are actually many clips you can find that are meant to help you place lights on the roof. Look up options like eave clips or shingle clips.

Noticed A Roofing Problem While Hanging Lights?

If you see some roof damage in the process of putting lights on your roof, don't worry. Instead, just call the roofing professionals at Platinum Restoration for assistance. We are GAF-certified roofers in Minnesota that can repair all kinds of storm damage and roofing problems. Contact us at 763-244-1474 to get your free quote!

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